The Plants

Changing colors in a forget-me-not

This page is dedicated to the particulars of plant life.
Whether you’re growing some plants at home, trying to find an answer to a botanical question, or just like looking at potted plants, this is the page for you.

This is a collection page for the main plant-focused categories (as opposed to location-focused). I hope you find something useful here!


Plants are friends. I like them.

This is a page collecting my content that appreciates nature. Sometimes that comes from solving a botanical mystery, sometimes that comes from just being in a beautiful space. Whatever it is, it’s lovely nature.

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A hearty patch of pinkladies growing in Hesse Park

City Nature Challenge Wrap-up

The City Nature Challenge is over! I can’t wait until next year, to check up on how these plants are doing. And to add a few more to my collection. Congratulations to everyone who took part! I’m always so happy when a big number of people turn out for nature.

A ginkgo biloba enjoying the morning sunlight

An Introduction to Mindful Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness. We care for plants as best we can, giving them the chance to grow. We can practice mindfulness, giving our thoughts room to grow.

Plant Care

Growing a plant can sometimes seem like the easiest thing in the world, and sometimes it makes you throw your hat down and stomp in frustration.
I’ve certainly been through more than a little of that – hopefully this research will help you out too!

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A pair of paperwhites growing strong into spring!

The Sun and its Angles

Plants really enjoy sunlight – some more so than others. When you’re planting a plant outdoors, it’s useful to know what ‘Full Sun’ means on the seed packet, and whether your corner of the balcony or yard is going to get it. Find out where to look up the sun’s angles and how to apply it!

The cress is growing in thickly and very green

(Garden) Cress

Garden Cress is an easygoing, cold-tolerant, tasty plant that can be harvested and eaten at any point in its growing cycle. Easy to care for, harvest as needed with a pair of scissors. Find out how to grow this slightly tangy salad green!

My Garden

My garden can get a little wild. It’s a balcony garden, and I’ve got a lot of ambition for it. Only issue is… I’ve also made a lot of mistakes in how I’ve raised some of the plants.

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The Boston fern is glistening from a light misting

Six on Saturday – 31 Jul, 2021

This week has felt entirely too cool for the time of year it’s supposed to be. When you think of summer in Southern California, it’s all sunny beaches and… sun. This week’s been a bevy of clouds, fog, and dew so thick that it watered my plants one morning.

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A mix of plants brought inside for the winter

Garden Journal – Christmas Week

Finally putting the old daffodil bulbs back in some dirt (only a month late…), revitalizing some old dirt on the balcony, and sewing some Billy Buttons at the right time of year.

The Lonely Ginkgo

The Ginkgo is currently most threatened not by disease or the environment, but by logging. Our homes are our own environments. We get a say at what survives, and can even help plants thrive that otherwise might be disappearing.