The taller wildflowers are starting to bloom with big, feathery purple flowers

Six on Saturday – 19 Jun, 2021

All the flowers are finally showing life! The second heat wave seems to be agreeing with them, and they're coming up... well, not roses. A bunch of other things instead! Even the ever-dominant thyme is flowering. There's plenty of new leaves to share.

A happy little sunflower seedling turning into a full plant

Six on Saturday – 27 Mar, 2021

Spring is finally taking off in the garden! The plants are all starting to enjoy the warmth and growing daylight, and the calmer winds are letting them keep their large leaves safe. I can't wait for all the tasty plants growing on my balcony to be ready to eat - except the Cress, which is unstoppable. I probably managed to plant just a bit too much! Also featured are sunflower, hummingbirds, squash, and more!