South Coast Botanic Garden

A colorful clearing at South Coast Botanic Garden

Open 9-5, every day except Christmas. Last entrance at 4:30.

Yes, it’s been a little topsy turvy since late March. At the moment, you have to book your entrance time ahead of time.

87 acres
That’s 421,000 square yards! Or, about 3000 feet across its longest diagonal.

The Park Grounds

A pleasant walk around the perimeter of this place may take around 20 minutes.

If you get lost, just look for the green line. It follows the tram path, and leads you around the perimeter. Walk in either direction and you’ll eventually come to the Rose Garden near the entrance.

Some say there’s more than 150,000 plants. Others say 200,000. What with the seeds and all, it must be hard to keep an accurate count. All I know is: They’re lovely.

The History

Starting as a mine in the early 1900’s, then moving to a landfill, this park transformed in April of 1961. 40,000 donated plants were put into the earth. Since then… my goodness.

Just some Beautiful Life

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