Surrounding Nature

Here’s a list of interesting creatures or plants I’ve encountered, along with useful links, information, and other fun stuff. I’ll try to keep updating the information on the following pages – they’re the places I visit most often, so I can’t help but have a special place for them.

America the Beautiful – the Park Pass for the ages.

Pretty places in SoCal! Google Maps List

I run my critter observations through a few networks:

iNaturalist : This is the collection of my observations made (entirely, so far) through the phone app. Just remember to put in as much information into each observation as you can, and the suggestions seem spot on. Location is very important. “iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.” If you’re into birding or keeping track of any other flora or fauna, this is a pretty nifty setup.

As it stands, I typically hand-hold a monocle to my phone camera, and that seems to be doing alright for distances up to 25 ft for sparrow-sized birds. At least, when I’m in full sunlight. I haven’t used the plant side of it, but as I type this I realize I’ve been missing out.
Update slightly later: The plant side works pretty darn well too!

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology‘s Bird Net. They have just so darn much information. And the various apps they connect and reference (in particular, Merlin and BirdNET). Okay, honestly, I use BirdNET considerably more. The ability to identify birds by sound (especially when they’re sometimes so hard to get ahold of visually) is pretty useful. Definitely hit Save before you hit Analyze. If you don’t, the Save option goes away. (On second thought, maybe it autosaves? I need to try uploading my recordings!)

And for the work done by others:

A list of Bird Surveys done in Southern California by Dr. Callyn Yorke’s class.

Friends of Madrona Marsh

Birds and Peacocks in Palos Verdes

All About Birds

Want to know more about the people that choose the plants all around the city? LA City Plants!

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