Almighty King Ludd

Being called a Luddite could be taken just about any which way. Historically, it’s certainly a bit different than how the word is being applied now – to refer to a hatred or misunderstanding of technology.

I’m looking to reclaim the word’s meaning for a similar, parallel meaning.
Technology is plenty fine. It’s enabled us to survive and thrive in ways that early science fiction could only guess at. Its reach, however, has gotten a little out of hand.

In my ideal world, there’d be more space between houses, fewer roads, and no grit in the air. People would appreciate nature, but they would still utilize and advance technology.
For instance – vertical gardening is great for saving space. Automatic watering systems can heavily reduce the amount of management required to provide for more people. That being said,

Genetically modified crops were planted on a record 457.4 million acres globally in 2016

Silva, MSU Extension

We could relax a bit on the large-scale outdoors changes until we (hopefully) understand their impact and accept the consequences.

How to cut electronics

  1. (the easy one) Stop using your electronics when you’re walking outside. If you’re sitting outdoors at a cafe, go ahead and text who you’re going to text. If you’re stopping to look at an especially nice flower, go ahead and take a picture. But if you’re walking through the park, put your phone on silent and in your pocket (or car). Nature’s got plenty of nice things to look at.
    I’m currently working on this one.

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