Surviving Physically

I know I spend much more time re-googling than I do effectively bookmarking and saving pages. So here, I hope to provide a quick solution to your searching needs and maybe share some interesting things that I’ve come across. I’ll also put my own lists and research here, or link to pages where I’ll collate different bits together.

The Mouth

Vocal Warmups
This page will be an ongoing collection of exercises to help prepare the throat and vocal cords, especially for public speaking. I’ve typically had problems with my throat getting sore and raspy especially quickly, and having trouble in the higher tones. I’ll likely have a lot of work ahead of me to really round out my voice, and the exercises here are mostly geared toward that end.

Tongue Twisters
A great way to warm up the lips and tongue for speaking! Plus, they’re such nifty little expressions that they make me smile, especially when my tongue stumbles.

Breathing Exercises

Nadi Shodhana – Alternate Nostril Breathing
This is a post I’ve written as a general guide to the practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing (uninostril breathing, to some). You can’t really know something until you try to teach it, so here we go!

External Influences

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