Outside Links

A map of the Lost Horse Mine trail

This is the page for all the links that haven’t made their way into articles yet. Hope they’re helpful while they hang out here!

The Environment

Harvard’s Environmental Regulation Rollback Tracker – There’s been a lot of legality to keep track of when Trump was president. Rather than have to comb through every headline and law that’s passed, here’s a site collecting the status of different environment regulatory effects.

Colombia Law’s Environment Regulation Tracker – Similarly, Colombia law started tracking the regulation (and deregulation) of the many climate and environmental issues in the US.

General Plant Things

The Difference between Lichen and Moss
The main one: Moss is a plant and Lichen is… different. Lichen needs algae to coexist with, whereas moss is a happy little forest mat.

Helping Trees Recover From Transplant Shock
Sometimes trees aren’t so fond of having to move in to a new home. They can even look like they’re dying. Don’t worry – there’s hope! Trees are surprisingly resilient (with a little love), but the symptoms of transplant shock can be too.

50 Houseplants that Clean the Air
Not all houseplants are created equally! Some are quite capable of cleaning the air, some take far too much love to be worthwhile for everyone. Drawing on research from NASA, what follows is a series of links dictating each plant’s care and capabilities. They’re like air filters with personality.

Individual Plant Things

The mysterious Dead Plant.
The WorldOfSucculents description page for a plant that honestly looks quite dead. A little bush of dry sticks.

Know what grows in Antarctica? Moss. Yep. Sometimes it’s even a problem.

The Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” succulent.

Taking Care of your Ginkgo Biloba.

Frizzle Sizzle. That is a real plant.
This WorldOfSucculents page describes the corkscrew-looking little shoots. Like something out of a Dr. Seuss tale, these South African plants are something I need in my home.

The wonderful world of Cinnamon.
Believe it or not, cinnamon has to be nearly killed to grow into the spice-bearing tree we so enjoy. This article is mostly about the process of preparing the trees to grow the spicy bark, not so much about the actual harvesting or preserving. Still, pretty interesting read!

Great House Plants

Umbrella Grass. Can’t be overwatered!
Sort of a trick reason, though – it loves marshy soil. It can, instead, be underwatered. It’s tolerant of most growing conditions: light, humidity, noise, you name it!

The Rubber Tree – Ficus elastica!
One important thing to know – this isn’t the main plant for rubber production. It’s a rubber tree, not the rubber tree. It’s all about the isoprene. Some other, potentially more important growing related things: When planted outside, they create heavy shade, grow wider faster than they grow taller, drop heavy amounts of leaves and fruit, and generally can be a pain. Once you get past all that, though – have at it!


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