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This page is here to list things happening around the world and here in SoCal, from good to bad to neutral.
Hopefully there’s more good than bad! And nowadays, it’d be nice if there were events too!
The first segment will be a calendar I’ll update on different things that are happening.

Stuff That’s Happening

Updated April 23, 2021

Palos Verdes will be having a weekend iNaturalist identification rally. Check out the home page for more details!


Events that combine nature and people to help each get used to the other!
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A bee goes to work on a passionfruit flower

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Every year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This is a day for the earth: for cleaning, remembering, and planning to ensure a positive future for nature. During past Earth Days, events such as river cleanings and the clearing of invasive species has often taken the mainstage in drawing communities together. This year, the holiday is going digital.


Stuff I’ve been looking at lately

A thick layer of tan smog hangs at the height of the mountains over Los Angeles.

Climate Since Covid

Only time will tell what the final effects of the COVID shutdowns are on the environment. During the height of the lockdown, air quality improved almost immediately. NO2 and CO2 (from fossil fuels) both decreased. This effect was noticed most heavily in major cities, though arguably the whole world benefitted. Fine particulate matter, PM2.5, similarly dropped.

Past Posts

Past articles on news events seen on this page.

The GLOW Fades

After a couple months of GLOW at South Coast Botanic Garden, it’s time to look back at the light and the music. (For those who didn’t attend – it’s a walking / music / plant / light show with a water theme)

someone standing in front of the living wall


Glow is happening at SCBG until January 10th, 2021. If you want to take a break from being stuck indoors – or take a break from more ‘normal’ plants – swing on by the garden to see the foliage in a new light! (Yes, that was a pun)

A closed down bench at South Coast Botanic Garden

I miss the park

It looks like we’re coming to the end of this whole debacle.
Maybe. Probably not quite yet.
I already miss going to the park.

Past Topics to Keep Track Of

The U.S. Just Got a New National Park — and It’s a Rock Climbing and Whitewater Rafting Paradise

Travel and Leisure
Jan 07, 2021

…Brazil lost 870,000 square kilometers (336,000 square miles) of native vegetation between 1985 and 2019. That’s an area the size of two Germanies and one Suriname — with plenty of space still left over.

Dec 28, 2020

Scientists and conservationists are proposing that up to half of Earth’s land and oceans be protected for nature. Is it a necessary step or a pipe dream?

Jim Robbins – BBC
2020, March 18th

U.N. chief calls on humanity to end ‘war on nature’ and go carbon-free

AP – Dec 2nd, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic: Bay Area air pollution sees dramatic 24-hour drop on 10th day of shelter-in-place

Alix Martichoux – ABC7
2020, March 26th

An intensifying climate crisis threatens more than half of the world’s GDP, research says

Sam Meredith – CNBC
2020, Jan 19th