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This is a page for all the things that feel out of place elsewhere. Some useful information for you to check out, if you’re just looking at browsing around. Hope you have fun!

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News & Current Events

A look at what’s going on in the area and in the environment.
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Latest Post

The GLOW Fades

After a couple months of GLOW at South Coast Botanic Garden, it’s time to look back at the light and the music. (For those who didn’t attend – it’s a walking / music / plant / light show with a water theme)


A long list of holidays.
Celebrate nature year-round!

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World Wetlands Day
February 2nd


A page containing bookmarks I’ve found useful.
This page will grow periodically as I come across more material.

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Recent Link…

Harvard Law’s Regulatory Rollback Tracker! Tracking legal efforts to protect (or harm) our environment, including regulation, emission, pipelines, and more! And for a slightly different one, here’s Colombia Law’s Climate Deregulation Tracker.