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Howdy, I’m Scott.
This site was originally a place where I could store info and links for quick access. Hopefully it’s grown into something you’ll find useful!

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Joshua Tree and South Coast Botanic Garden, mostly!

The GLOW Fades

After a couple months of GLOW at South Coast Botanic Garden, it’s time to look back at the light and the music. (For those who didn’t attend – it’s a walking / music / plant / light show with a water theme)

A familiar scene at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree: After Hours

I recently headed over to Joshua Tree, hoping to catch some stars or some snow. Neither of my hopes came true. The sky stayed overcast the whole evening, and the ground dry. And it was perfect and still and I loved every minute.

California Cholla from a safe distance

Plants Named California

Vasquez Rocks Park had some rain recently, and nature went wild. From blooms to berries, this is a look at two plants named after the state that responded nicely. (California Juniper, California Cholla)

A group of leaves shining in the fresh rain

Strolling in the Rain

Had a wonderful day at South Coast Botanic Garden in some heavy rain. The leaves looked amazing! And the plants are holding up better than I did in the cold.


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Appreciating Nature

Posts focusing on the joy and wonder that nature has in spades!

Two chrysanthemums growing in soft window light, full of blooms

Air Purifying Plants

Plants are natural air purifiers. We put out a heck of a lot of carbon, and all plants will help reduce that to some degree. The only issue is that carbon isn’t the only thing we’re putting into the atmosphere. Our atmosphere indoors, where we’re spending so much time, is incredibly important. We put out a few other notable bad chemicals in the course of daily living – ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene. Check here for some plants that can clean your air!

A view across the red rocks in Arizona

The Whole Dang Year

Looking back at the whole year – the lockdowns have had some changes. More plants at home, and definitely going outdoors more often to get some fresh air!

The Lonely Ginkgo

The Ginkgo is currently most threatened not by disease or the environment, but by logging. Our homes are our own environments. We get a say at what survives, and can even help plants thrive that otherwise might be disappearing.

Cactus Bones

Cholla cacti have wood skeletons. After they die and the water evaporates, after the skin falls off and the desert critters move in – they leave behind some wood. I never connected the plants as alive to how they were when dead.


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The How-To

A tillandsia on its side with a pup growing

Tillandsia (Air Plants)

This is a detailed guide on how to care for Tillandsia (air plants). These are strange, bundled-up plants that drink water from everywhere but their roots. They make for great plant pets!

A surprisingly hardy little cactus growing from a crack in the stone

Making Baby Cacti

Succulents (and Cacti) are surprisingly easy to propagate – to make more plants. They can often be grown from cuttings – small pieces of the parent plant that take root. Find out how!

Watering a dry olive planter

Flushing the Pot

I’ve had a bad habit of watering my plants every 2 to 3 days – when the top layer of dirt was just starting to dry out. I just never followed proper watering techniques – letting some plants dry out a bit more, flushing the soil, and the like.

Discarded orchids

Plants Eat Food – Trace elements

Trace elements, partially because of just how little the plants metabolize, are a little tricky to keep track of. Generally, if you’re using compost or manure or rotating your plants, these elements will never be in short supply. That being said, it’s nice to know what’s out there and what these nutrients do for the plant.


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Other Updates

Notes on my garden, events, and other topics!

A mix of plants brought inside for the winter

Garden Journal – Christmas Week

Finally putting the old daffodil bulbs back in some dirt (only a month late…), revitalizing some old dirt on the balcony, and sewing some Billy Buttons at the right time of year.

An old and neglected daffodil bulb showing signs of life during winter.

Deserted Daffodils

After a few store-bought daffodil planters died at home, the dirt lay neglected in a bag on the balcony. Somehow, the daffodils have come back. I’m so excited.

someone standing in front of the living wall


Glow is happening at SCBG until January 10th, 2021. If you want to take a break from being stuck indoors – or take a break from more ‘normal’ plants – swing on by the garden to see the foliage in a new light! (Yes, that was a pun)


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