Six on Saturday – 3 Jul, 2021

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and the plants are bursting like fireworks! I actually think I’ll have the greatest number of blossoms that week, especially with the Billy Ball putting on a show. And the bloodleaf is showing some pretty impressive growth as it gets more shaded. Everyone’s happy.

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The Quiet of the High Desert Mindful Foliage


The Billy Ball is starting to blossom with a single, wonderful flower. I can’t wait to see it puff up into a little globe of happiness. This is the first one of the five to put up a blossom, and it’s also the tallest by a wide margin. I’m not entirely sure why this one is so much happier – it’s in a little less light, but the soil stays moist longer. The pairs in the sun have much better drainage. The ones with the most drainage are growing the thickest, but are staying short. So this plant likes full sun and good drainage, but loves slightly-less-than-full sun and constant moisture. I’m so confused.


The bloodleaf is really starting to enjoy life. It’s sucking up a tremendous amount of water – more than that pot can really keep going at the height of summer. I missed watering it one day and it started wilting tremendously. A splash of water and a bit of time later, and it was back to full attention like nothing happened. The colors are really starting to turn a more vibrant magenta and red on the newer leaves. The tomato plant is starting to overshadow it, and the more the tomato grows, the more the bloodleaf is happy. I guess it knows what it likes!


This rosemary had been so slow-growing for most of the last six months. It was like it had just given up after the rather unusual and windy winter we had. And then when I went out to get a clipping, it surprised me with a bunch of new growth. Maybe I just hadn’t been paying attention to it, but I could swear it’s grown at least an inch all over in the last week. I’m very proud of it! My favorite thing – when I’m watering it, the air smells like rosemary. Now it smells like more rosemary.

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The ginkgo can’t stop trying to grow more and more. Now that the branches seem to have ended their growth spurt, all the energy is going into the color green. It must be starting a dozen new leaves a day, at this point! I’m hoping it has a longer green season this year to make up for the late start, but I’ll also be happy with whatever this tree feels it needs. I’m not sure how many more seasons it can be happy in its current home. At the rate it’s growing, it’ll be covering the balcony before too long!


I think this is a philodendron, but I’m not completely sure. The roots are growing outside of the pot at this point, trying to find new homes. It’s due for a repotting. Even still, it’s happily sending up one elegant leaf after another, slowly unfurling into bigger and greener majestic spreads. The latest two leaves have had these monstera-like splits in the leaves, which I suppose means it’s finally happy. I’m still not completely sure what this plant is or what its favorite growing conditions might be, but it seems to be trucking along happily in my cubicle.


Now this one I’m sure is a philodendron. It’s a red emerald, and really lives up to the name. It’s also started growing in pace with the other (potential) philodendron, but will probably need some sort of support before too long. It’s looking like it grows roots out of the main stem, as opposed to a constant outpouring of long-stemmed leaves from near the soil. I’ll work up some some moss-wrapped log for it sometime soon! This is another one of my happy little desk plants, and I’m hesitant to change anything. It’s already growing so happily as-is!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!

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