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The sea sits in a lovely little inlet at the base of a canyon

Focus on a Single Object

As your conscious mind steps out of the way bit by bit, your preconceived notions, assumptions, and baggage go with it. In between letting it all go and pure mindless mindfulness, there’s the stage of concentration, also known as Dharana. 

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About The Site

Plants can tell us quite a bit about our environment. I like to use plants to figure out what nature is like in the places that I visit. They’re meters, markers, and memories that wait calmly in the earth. I hope this site helps you learn from these plants too.

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Six on Saturday

The taller wildflowers are starting to bloom with big, feathery purple flowers

Six on Saturday – 19 Jun, 2021

All the flowers are finally showing life! The second heat wave seems to be agreeing with them, and they’re coming up… well, not roses. A bunch of other things instead! Even the ever-dominant thyme is flowering. There’s plenty of new leaves to share.

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A Billy Button with a curious leaf sticking through some window blinds

Finding your Sankalpa

Rather than focus on attaining a quality you already possess, you could instead remind yourself that these qualities are already there. 
This is the purpose of a sankalpa. Rather than saying “I will,” you are declaring “I already am.”

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A hearty patch of pinkladies growing in Hesse Park

City Nature Challenge Wrap-up

The City Nature Challenge is over! I can’t wait until next year, to check up on how these plants are doing. And to add a few more to my collection. Congratulations to everyone who took part! I’m always so happy when a big number of people turn out for nature.

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A handful of snails and barnacles down at Pelican Cove

Palos Verdes – City Nature Challenge

Get your portable phones and cool cameras ready for a five-day bioblitz style event! From April 30th to May 3rd, be on the lookout to log and identify all the plants and animals you can possibly find in the Palos Verdes area.

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