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Remember that the roots of any tree extend far beyond the drip-line of the branches.

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Watering a dry olive planter

Flushing the Pot

I’ve had a bad habit of watering my plants every 2 to 3 days – when the top layer of dirt was just starting to dry out. I just never followed proper watering techniques – letting some plants dry out a bit more, flushing the soil, and the like.

Discarded orchids

Plants Eat Food – Trace elements

Trace elements, partially because of just how little the plants metabolize, are a little tricky to keep track of. Generally, if you’re using compost or manure or rotating your plants, these elements will never be in short supply. That being said, it’s nice to know what’s out there and what these nutrients do for the plant.

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Every Other Monday
Notes on nature in southern California, from apartment gardening out to hiking in Joshua Tree. This blog is as much a collection of my own gardening research as a celebration of the beautiful things in the area.

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  • Update The Garden page with information on each of the plants
  • Test soil for acidity
  • Rate each plant for its viability in current growing conditions

Some notes about the area

A little bit about LA’s plant hardiness in particular
Most of LA sits at 10b 35-30f
North side of the PV hill is 10a 25-30f
South side of the PV hill is 11a 40-35f

Two rainstorms just over the Pacific

I mostly look at nature in the SoCal area, but I’ve been known to travel on occasion. I have quite a bit of past stuff to upload… maybe 8 years or so of old photos and audio recordings to go through. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually end up uploading, but it’ll either be on the pages and galleries in the following links, the observation apps I use, or other media sites. Here’s to the long road through the past! And, of course, the even longer road through the future.

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