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A little moss and some decorative stones really settle the whole scene

Office Plant Transplanting

With all these plants needing some love at the same time, I feel like it’s time instead for a makeover. I absolutely love having plants by me when I work. Whether at home or the office, a little greenery makes everything happier. I’m hoping that the transplant will give these plants the room and humid climate to be as happy as they make me. 

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About The Site

Nature is a place of wonderment, life, and surprisingly deep wisdom. The many plants that surround us respond to their world – to the world around us. We, in turn, respond to nature. We grow with it, care for it, and venture into it.

This is a place of mindfulness and nature. The site started around my garden and learning to care for the many plants in it. It grew to include my study and practice of mindfulness, which are happily always ongoing.

I hope that this site helps you in some way. If you’d like to keep updated, please subscribe below – or check out guided meditations on the podcast. Have a wonderful day!

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Observing a Plant Mindful Foliage

If you've ever settled in to prune an especially important or lovely plant, then you probably know the joyously powerful sense of awareness this has brought. It can certainly be easier at times to bring your awareness to a plant than to the mindless mindfulness of deep meditation.  Today we'll be engaging three of the senses, all centered around whatever plant catches your attention. Starting with vision, one of the easiest senses to engage in nature, you'll be guided to look over every aspect of whatever is growing before you. Smell too, which floats on the wind and air that both your and the plant are sharing. Texture is just as important, to get a sense of the plant's physicality.  Please to do not breathe in or touch plants that might cause an allergic reaction or other issues. I wouldn't touch a poison ivy – but they're probably fine to look at!  This guided practice can be performed indoors or outdoors equally well. I recommend trying both if you have the time and weather to do so.  For more information on other mindfulness practices or to learn more about the green nature around us, check out my website at http://www.mindfulfoliage.com. If you just want to look at pretty pictures of plants, swing by my instagram @mindfulfoliage. For exclusive content or to support the show, find me on patreon.

A happy tomato growing in the shade of the bloodleaf

Six on Saturday – 11 Sep, 2021

The weather is turning towards a warm fall, and the plants are putting out new leaves and new fruit every day. The weather and the growth don’t seem to agree at all. I’m glad they’re happy!

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a carving of a lion made out of clay

Lion’s Breath – Simhasana

For people who are shy about speaking up, Simhasana pranayama is a great way to let out some noise. When you roar in Simhasana, your air should flow out freely. Do your best not to constrict the throat – this is all about freeing it up! The breath instead comes from contracting the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. 

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A section of the desert that looks out over snowy peaks

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is something we do instinctually. It’s also something we can easily do consciously. Just like other forms of mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing can have far-reaching benefits, not the least of which is that breathing is good. And when you’re breathing with your diaphragm into the furthest reaches of your lungs, it can be even better.

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A bee climbs around on a flower at SCBG

Bhramari – Humming Bee Breath

Surprising as it may sound, buzzing like a bee can be just about the most relaxing, mind-numbing way to settle your head. When you breathe in the Humming Bee Breath manner, you’ll quite literally set your brain abuzz.

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