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An amazing stone outcropping overlooking a trail in Utah

A Trip Through the Heated Southwest

One of the most astounding road trips I’ve ever taken. I won’t go much into the personal details, except that my wonderful wife makes the most perfect travel companion. We went together on every leg of the trip, down every path and through every wonderful snack.

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About The Site

Nature is a place of wonderment, life, and surprisingly deep wisdom. The many plants that surround us respond to their world – to the world around us. We, in turn, respond to nature. We grow with it, care for it, and venture into it.

This is a place of mindfulness and nature. The site started around my garden and learning to care for the many plants in it. It grew to include my study and practice of mindfulness, which are happily always ongoing.

I hope that this site helps you in some way. If you’d like to keep updated, please subscribe below – or check out guided meditations on the podcast. Have a wonderful day!

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Listening Out In The Canyon Mindful Foliage

Today I'm back at my favorite canyon for mindful listening. This is an invitation to listen to nature at three distances – far away, middle distance, and right near by. Take in the music of nature all around you, and experience it as if it's your first time.  I'd like to apologize in advance for any poor audio. I'm still figuring out how best to record outdoors and in the wind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated – please reach out by instagram or email (MindfulFoliage@gmail.com), or through the contact page on the site.  For more information on other mindfulness practices and being mindful around nature, please check out the articles on my site, mindfulfoliage.com. If you want to take a gander at nature indoors and out, please check out my instagram, @mindfulfoliage.

The Boston fern is glistening from a light misting

Six on Saturday – 31 Jul, 2021

This week has felt entirely too cool for the time of year it’s supposed to be. When you think of summer in Southern California, it’s all sunny beaches and… sun. This week’s been a bevy of clouds, fog, and dew so thick that it watered my plants one morning.

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fire crackles in the dark

Cooling Sitali Breath

This yogic breathing practice can help lower your body temperature and relax your thoughts. It has an overall calming effect on the nervous system, reducing anxiety and agitation. For those of us in SoCal with the pending heatwaves and wildfire season, this breath is a must-have. It brings cooling.

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